[maemo-users] confused about scratchbox UIDs

From: tj 00junk01 at comcast.net
Date: Mon Apr 30 00:26:40 EEST 2007
I am confused about scratchbox and UIDS. I am logged in as user armdevel
on Ubuntu and I have added user armdevel to scratchbox. I
run /scratchbox/login and I am in scratchbox. However, when I do this:

[sbox-SDK_ARMEL: ~] > whoami
whoami: cannot find username for UID 1003

It says there is no UID 1003. Sure enough cd to /etc and there is no
user armdevel in passwd. Plus any files created show UID 1003 and group

Is this the reason I get the error I reported before:

unable to get login information for username "armdevel"
at /scratchbox/devkits/debian/lib/dpkg/controllib.pl line 58.
dh_shlibdeps: command returned error code 6400

When building mplayer since even whoami cannot find a username for UID


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