[maemo-users] transferring to the new wiki

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Mon Apr 30 14:59:43 EEST 2007

Sorry for cross posting, but I'd like to reach as many wiki editors as
possible with this single email.

We are about to launch the new web site as you have probably heard
from here and there. One of the most important service at maemo is the
public wiki. We had a dilemma what to do in order to make the transfer
as smooth as possible. A few months ago I asked the wiki authors to
create garage accounts, so that they can continue their work under
Midgard. I hope the time was enough to complete this "action".

Now comes the second request. I would like to do a final import from
the current wiki to the new site. I would like to know all the pages
where the authors would like to keep all change history. IMHO most of
the pages do not need the change history, but I am aware of a few
projects who would like to keep that.

Please let me know if you would like to retain the history of your
wiki page(s) by __Wednesday 1500 (GMT+3)__. I will make sure that the
history is kept after  the import.

I would like to perform the final import on Wednesday afternoon. If
all goes fine than we can start using the new wiki and the new site on
Friday. This is not a promise for releasing the site, although it will
be Friday ;)

After all these the "old" wiki will be available READ ONLY at a
different URL. I will let you know about that later.

Thanks for your time. I am looking forward your mails.


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