[maemo-users] Gpe and Multisync

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Wed Aug 1 09:12:26 EEST 2007
I would make sure you are using the cobb.uk.net repositories and not the 
KernelConcepts ones - I'd even say disable/remove KernelConcepts.  The 
Cobb repository is run by a GPE developer, and a new build was recently 
pushed (including audible alarms in the calendar!).  I'd trust that 
build to be most reliable, since it is coming from upstream.

My tutorial links to a blog post, which links to a page (possibly 
another blog post?) that says what all to remove in order to use the new 
Cobb packages.  The ITT thread you cited seems to be a bit old/out of 
date: I just used my own instructions to get syncing set up a week or 
two ago when I reflashed, and it seems to work, with some caveats (it 
seems to always say a write failed and slow sync the next time, except 
when I write about it.:D ).

Hopefully working with the GPE folks and the OpenSync folks we can get 
these minor issues resolved. Also hoping this helps you!


Mike Lococo wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> What's the status regarding MultiSync and the GPE applications these 
> days?  I've read through Ryan's howto [1] and the ITT thread from 2006 
> [2] and so far I'm able to do a test sync between the gpe apps and 
> evolution that includes calendar and todo data.  If I try to sync my 
> contacts I get the following error:
> [... etc ...]
> Received an entry gpe-contact-120 with data of size 4 from member 1 
> (gpe-sync). Changetype ADDED
> Received an entry gpe-contact-119 with data of size 4 from member 1 
> (gpe-sync). Changetype ADDED
> Received an entry gpe-contact-118 with data of size 4 from member 1 
> (gpe-sync). Changetype ADDED
> gpesyncd[1172]: GLIB ERROR ** default - file mimedir-vcard.c: line 2520 
> (mimedir_vcard_write_to_profile): assertion failed: (priv->fn != NULL)
> aborting...
> Aborted
> If I track down contact 118 (manually poking in the sqlite db) and 
> remove it, the process hangs on a different contact.  I haven't yet put 
> much effort into determining what characteristics about a contact make 
> the process fail.  But my question is... is it _supposed_ to work or is 
> this pretty much expected behavior at this point?  I've tried various 
> ways of getting data in and out of GPE in the past and have never found 
> anything reliable enough to be useful.  Enough work has happened around 
> multisync since I last investigated that it seemed worth another look, 
> but the early indications are that it isn't terribly robust.
> Is anyone using this and finding it reliable or otherwise?
> Thanks,
> Mike Lococo
> [1] http://www.cleardefinition.com/page/Sync_Evolution_and_GPE_on_N800/
> [2] http://internettablettalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=923
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