[maemo-users] Anyone run Xournal successfully on N800?

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Aug 1 23:51:36 EEST 2007
Since reflashing to latest firmware I found most games don't work
(chess, etc...anything requiring drag/drop) in addition to MediaStream
(upnp scans find but no play/audio).

I haven't dug into these issues yet.


Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> Hello,
> I used to run (and enjoy) previous versions of Xournal on previous
> firmware for my N800 and it worked well. However, the latest version
> (that has been out for a while now) with more recent firmware seems to
> run and it detects stylus taps but as soon as I start to take notes,
> it bogs down, takes up 100% CPU and causes my tablet to become
> completely unresponsive for a time that depends on how long I
> scribbled with the stylus. It looks like it is working really hard to
> draw the lines on the screen but never does.
> Is anyone else having this issue?
> /Mike
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