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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu Aug 2 16:50:01 EEST 2007

	Right, I the front part of my email can be saved (e.g., "tim"), but
then I have to enter @samoff.com to finish it. Same with URLs: I can
save the main content of a URL -- usually just a single word (string
of words with no spaces) or hyphenated word, but the dictionary will
not save, let's say, "http://www.mysite.com" as a "word" in the
dictionary. Of course, the browser history (or bookmarks) usually
take care of this for browser navigation, but sometimes (like when
commenting on blogs, etc.), I'd love to be able to start my URL in
the text entry field and then just click on the auto-complete
suggestion down below the keyboard. 

	Saving usernames/passwords for sites/pages works fairly well (aside
from the annoying popup that asks if you want to save the info even
if you already have -- I should search to see if that bug is in the
Tracker). But, anyway, that's not my issue. My issue comes when
entering new forms that I haven't yet saved. 

	Adding words works (by tapping), but it seems that some words only
get saved within certain applications and then I have to tap again to
save it in another application... And then sometimes the words don't
"remain saved" -- even though I've tapped to save a words, if I go a
few days without using the word, it seems like the word vanishes from
the dictionary. 

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 Subject: Re: Questions about Maemo "core" dictionary...
 From:  Jonathan Greene 
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 Date: 08/02/2007 7:26 am
   I can enter atmasphere successfully for auto fill and in web forms
but have to actually enter it twice plus the @ to get my email to
fill.     For web login forms I've been successful with saving for
the server vs. the page on most sites.   When you enter a new word
you need to tap the complete version below the keypad to add it ...
Is this not working for you?
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 On Aug 2, 2007, at 9:18 AM, Tim  wrote:     

	Hi, all... 

	Sorry if these have been asked before, but I have some questions
about the functionality of the Maemo dictionary (that I wanted to ask
about before posting some new bug reports, etc.):      	*Why doesn't
the dictionary allow us to store email addresses and URLs? (Every
time I login to a website or have to create a new account somewhere,
or edit my email settings, I have to enter my entire email address...
It'd be nice to have it pop up in the suggesgted words.)     	*Why
does the dictionary seem to be application-specific? (I.e., when I
click to add a word in one app, it isn't always available in another
app until I click to add it there as well.)     	*Why do words seem
to disappear from the dictionary from time to time? (I can't tell you
how many times I've had to click to add my son's name -- Josiah --
when typing in Notes or in Opera, etc.)     	*Is there a way to edit
the dictionary? Is there a global and/or a personal dictionary?  

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