[maemo-users] Thought on 3rd part applications.

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Aug 8 14:18:03 EEST 2007
Dunno if anything has changed in these weeks but looking for "MMC" in
the maemo.org search engine provides now these first 5 results:

maemo.org - HowTo EASILY Partition your MMCcard 
maemo.org - HowTo BootRootFSFromMMC 
maemo.org - HowTo EASILY Boot From MMCcard 
maemo.org - Maemo 3.x: Dualboot Guide 
maemo.org - HowTo CreateSwap 

("boot from MMC" will provide this result as first)

On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 21:45 +0200, ext Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Christopher Marshall wrote:
> > I think that article should be listed on the wiki how-to page 
> > (http://maemo.org/community/wiki/howto).  I wonder why it isn't?  Which 
> > page is it currently linked from?
> Believe it or not but it is there. It is named "The really EASY way to 
> boot your Nokia 770 from the MMC card".
> This is another proof that (currently missing) wiki search feature is a 
> must.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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