[maemo-users] Sprint's N800 with WiMAX

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Fri Aug 10 14:29:02 EEST 2007
Paul Klapperich wrote:
> 2) Increase the bandwidth on the damn networks. That doesn't
> necessarily mean more bandwidth per customer, it just means more
> bandwidth total allowing you to service more customers simultaneously.
> This is a common ISP problem.
> To some extent, they're already doing #1 and there's no reason they
> can't be using some of that cash to do a better job at #2. The state
> of cellular service is America is atrocious, especially given what we
> pay for the service.

There's also the issue of how much spectrum is available in the cell
bands.  While smaller cells can improve this through greater reuse,
there is an ultimate limit.
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