[maemo-users] Bluetooth 2.0 keyboards

From: Thomas Armagost silly at well.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 08:31:44 EEST 2007

It's as if Apple designed it just for me.  Their new wireless keyboard
is the one that I want to use with the n800.  Small and lightweight
enough to carry in a day pack.  Ideal for use in a motel room while

I'm worried that maybe Apple has crippled it in such a way that it
won't work with the n800.  I hope not.

Another new thin Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard that caught my eye is the Sigma
Elysium.  The metallic copper color would nicely complement the n800, I
think.  It's only available in Japan so far.


The iGo model SBT5E (formerly ThinkOutside Sierra) Stowaway keyboard
can be found online for as little as $80US.


Sony is marketing the model VGPXTBTUE Stowaway keyboard, which costs
more and has only four rows of gray keys instead of the Sierra's five
rows of black keys.  I don't know if the Sony model works with an n800.

I'm worried about the Sierra's future now that Sony is in the game.

Thomas Armagost
silly at well.com
"Don't forget to register to vote" - Frank Zappa

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