[maemo-users] Install MiniMo 0.20.1 on N770 with IT OS 2006

From: D. L. Fuller dlfuller at ClientandFuller.com
Date: Mon Aug 13 20:31:40 EEST 2007
> Following the Application Catalog description, I assumed an install  
> of MiniMo 0.20.1 would be okay on a N770 with IT OS 2006.
> The installation fails with 3 lines listing that "x11-common"  
> packages are missing.

My apologies for the quick posting.  After a little research I found  
that MiniMo does work fine with a N770.  Adding the Herring  
repository satisfies a MiniMo dependency and then the installation  
was successful.

Check http://tonikitoo.blogspot.com/2007/06/minimo-02-maemo-port- 
release-and-new.html for exact installation info and feedback from  

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