[maemo-users] how to install GPE Calendar?

From: David Fass davidfass at gmail.com
Date: Thu Aug 16 22:40:11 EEST 2007
Hi.  This is a stupid question, I'm sure, but how do I download the
GPE Calendar to my Nokia 770?  I click the "click to install" button,
and it gives me an option to open or download.  It doesn't matter what
I do here:  If I click "open", I'm taken to the Application Manager,
but I don't see the package listed anywhere there.  If I click
"download", and then open the downloaded file, I also get taken to the
App Manager with no further results.  What's going on here?

Also, how would I go about syncing my Gmail Contacts list with the 770
Contacts list?  It seems to show *some* of my Gmail contacts, but not
nearly all.  Is there some other contact or phone list utility that
can sync up with Gmail contacts?

Thanks very much for any info!!!

-- Dave

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