[maemo-users] Battery Life

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Aug 17 09:35:52 EEST 2007
On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 19:30 +0300, Igor Stoppa wrote:
> > Battery life eating is a particularly tricky bug to nail down to a
> > single application (or home applet).

Yes, for PCs and even laptops most issues are almost unnoticeable by
average users, but in our case any non-optimization (leave alone a bug)
has clear repercusions. We need to provide to developers and power users
tools appropriate for them to detect those problems. Now we are stil not
there, at least not at a user level.

> That's why users shouldn't try a bunch of new apps in one go.

But most of them/us will anyway, regardless of how clever and well
presented is your advice. Humans are able to "install" malware in their
own bodies knowing that is not healthy, leave alone their devices.   :)

> Maybe some way to easily share information about battery life would be
> useful on maemo.org ...


> Quim: what do you think about extending the rating of applications so
> that they could cover several aspects, including but not only battery
> usage?

I think that we (and I mean literally we, the people in this list)
should rank more and be more aware of the elements to consider when
ranking i.e. Quality Awareness -

To go ahead with this we need to offer better tools and documentation
for the own developers and also to the conscious end users (aka maemo

For instance, I'm about to rank and comment one application that is
getting a lot of good comments. In general I like it, even if it's still
beta quality. I would give it 4 stars today. But there are a couple of
things I dislike: 

- the guy is not answering to bug reports in his garage project (I filed
some, I have more)

- I have the suspicion that since I use this app the battery life has
shortened considerably, even if most of the time I have the app
minimized. I would like to try but I'm more a busy guy than a good
hacker. With the current tools I don't see an easy way for me to check
(without asking Eero or Igor, but this is like cheating)  :)

> Eventually imo we have to come up with an evaluation suite that
> developers in first place and users later can easily refer to.

Yes, we are moving in this direction. We released some tools officially
supported and there is the Quality Awareness project. We are still
missing something like a tutorial with easy to follow steps and a
checklist to help developers realize themselves how good or bad their
software is regardless of how good it looks in the screenshots.

Quim Gil - http://maemo.org

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