[maemo-users] Promising GlideMobile

From: D. L. Fuller dlfuller at ClientandFuller.com
Date: Fri Aug 17 22:33:22 EEST 2007
Here's something that shows the promise of being practical and useful  
-- the new version (2.0 Beta) of Glide on a PC/Mac/Linux desktop  
combined with 770/800 access through GlideMobile.  Plus a GlideSync  
application for convenient uploading from the desktop.


Glide is an online "unified file and information management system"  
with PIM, editing, storage, online applications, email, RSS, etc.,  
capabilities.  It's free with 2GB of space.


The key to its usefulness is that when logged onto GlideMobile most  
everything can be accessed through (and with the limitations of) the  
standard browser on the 770/800.

I've only been experimenting with contacts, bookmarks, documents, and  
a few graphics (N770 and Mac OS X 10.4.10).  Email is convenient from  
the 770 but has some bugs on the Mac.  Glide can be slow at times  
with a few quirks, but consider what gyrations it has to go through.

There is a lot of potential simply in it becoming a common  
denominator for a wide variety of files and functions.


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