[maemo-users] Problems with libgtk.

From: Huang Shan HuangShan at gmx.org
Date: Sun Aug 19 22:05:00 EEST 2007
I have run into problems resulting in an unbootable N800.
The story is described in the internettabletalk forum:

The story short:
my N800 stops booting after the progress bar reaches about 90%.
The errors :
1. Before the last reboot I could not start evince with error:
libgtk-x11-2.0 undefined symbol osso_g_scanner_cache_open
2. The boot process seems to fail because of
user.log:Aug 19 12:52:11 Nokia-N800-26 DSME: Non-root process 
'/usr/bin/systemui' spawning too fast -> remove it

The installed libgtk2.0 on my broken IT is different from the libgtk2.0 
as found in the newest flash image. The only explanation why, is an 
update of magic.sys which I started from the Application Manager 
previous to the problems.
I suspect the libgtk2.0 library in the 
be the problem.

For more details please refer to the forum.

I hope this is the right place to ask for fix of this library in the 

By the way: is there a different way to rescue the N800 besides a 
reinstall ?


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