[maemo-users] how about editing "online documents"

From: D. L. Fuller dlfuller at ClientandFuller.com
Date: Mon Aug 20 01:03:03 EEST 2007
> Hi.  There are several online-document-editing services (Google Docs
> being one, Zoho another), and I would love to use one of these from my
> Nokia 770, but so far none of them seem to work with it.  Does anyone
> know of an online-editing service that *will* work with the Nokia.  It
> would be great to be able to edit stuff without lugging my laptop
> around.
> Thanks.
> -- Dave


Take a look at the combination of the the new version (2.0 Beta) of  
Glide on a PC/Mac/Linux desktop combined with 770 access through  


Glide is an online "unified file and information management system"  
with PIM, editing, storage, online applications, email, RSS, etc.   
It's free with 2GB of space.  The applications provide online editing  
and collaboration.


I've been impressed with the capabilities of GlideMobile.  Most  
everything can be accessed through (and within the limitations of)  
the standard browser on the 770.

Glide itself on the desktop can be slow at times with a few quirks,  
but consider what gyrations it has to go through.

There is a lot of potential on the 770 simply in it becoming a common  
denominator for a wide variety of files and functions.


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