[maemo-users] Nokia 770 Apps That Sync With Linux Apps

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Mon Aug 20 12:41:24 EEST 2007
I'm moving to my Nokia 770 from a Palm Tungsten C.  There's only one 
issue I've found that is keeping me from dropping use of the Palm 
completely: I need to sync some apps with the apps I use in KDE on 

I've found info on GPE, but have not found enough to actually be able to 
sync the data with any KDE PIM programs.  As best I can tell, it seems 
GPE uses OpenSYNC, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone sync their apps on their Nokia with any Linux (and 
preferably KDE) apps?  Are you using GPE?  If not, what is recommended?

I don't use a calendar or to-do list, but I would like to sync my 
contacts and notes back and forth.  I'm looking into just using a Perl 
program and scp to sync data.  I figure in some cases it'll be easy to 
copy a file back and forth and change the format, but often full sync 
features in programs take care of other issues, such as comparing what 
has been added on both ends and making it easy to decide which one to 
accept and, to be honest, that's just a pain to program.  If someone 
else has done the work, I'd rather use that.

Are three any guides to apps I can use that sync with KDE PIM apps?  
(I've Googled and come up short.)  Are there recommendations for any 
apps to use that have the sync tools built in?



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