[maemo-users] BRisa 0.6 is released!

From: ツ Leandro Sales leandroal at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 21 01:12:10 EEST 2007
Hello list!

I'm pleased to announce the 0.6 release of BRisa Project.

What is BRisa

BRisa intend to be a framework for the Audio/Video/Image UPnP standard. It is
written in python and enables creation of MediaServer/MediaRenderer/
ControlPoint UPnP devices. In this way users can share and search content from
UPnP A/V devices. It also offers a plugin architecture enabling new services
such as Flick, SHOUTcast  and *now* YouTube to be added as UPnP media shares.

Our main target is the maemo platform, but we recently fix many issues
to make it works possibly in windows and Mac OS.

What's New since 0.5?

- Many improvements on the SQLObject usage for the Filesystem plug-in
- New implementation of XML DIDLite generation
- Reimplementation of the content directory service browsing.
  - Now the content directory is responsible to generate the DIDL response
  - Support of namespace:id in the id field of XML DIDL
  - Call specific browser method according to the namespace (which represents
    a plugin identifier)
- A completely reimplementation of the plug-in architecture of the Media Server
   - The plugin manager becomes a singleton and now the it supports load and
     unload of plug-ins according to the plug-ins priority field
   - The usage flag of plug-ins can be controlled through programming (although
     the default value is read from brisa.conf file)
   - The plugins now support the implementation of a specific browse method.
- Implementation of YouTube plug-in
- Many improvements on the SHOUTcast and FlickR plugins
- Completely separation of the persistence layer and filesystem plug-ins
- Many improvements on the UPnP API:
   - Now there is just on webserver instance shared between UPnP devices

TODO List:

- Enable support to XBox and PS3 control points
- Real-time multimedia transcoding according to the renderer capacities of the
  device target
- Implementation of a D-BUS subsystem
- Improvements on the UPnP API
- Improvements on the new YouTube plugin
- Improvements on the use of DIDLite classes
- Improvements on the web configuration interface (possibly use django
- Improvements on the Python PEP-8 recommendations: although many works have
  being done here, some classes still out-of PEP-8 recommendations
- Adjust the implementation of inotify in the filesystem plugin to support make
  it able to be notified when a new file (or directory) is created into any
  shared directory and then read file information and store them into the
- Integration with DLNA standard

Where is BRisa



Mailing list:



UPnP Standard Extension

We are also developing an extension* to enable the UPnP standard to support
users profile through SOAP web service. This will allow UPnP compliant
applications to know more detailed information related to the user that is
using the system. The consequence of this stay on the implementation of
recommendation systems to improve the way how the media servers (or other UPnP
servers) expose information to the users according to the user profile.

* Still a working in progress implementation and not merged into the main
development line in SVN repository.

Best regards,

Leandro Melo de Sales.
Pervasive and Embedded Computing Laboratory
BRisa and E-Phone Projects Manager & Network Administrator

"There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand
binary, those who don't"

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