[maemo-users] Need an SSH client for the Nokia 800

From: Wayne Fiori dev9null at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 22 20:00:23 EEST 2007
On 8/22/07, Neil MacLeod <gmane at nmacleod.com> wrote:
> I quite agree, however I almost exclusively need the server component on the N800 - I very rarely ssh from the N800 to another machine, it's almost always the other way around. However installing the server appears to install the client, which is why I don't see much point in offering the client as a separate install (which may lead to confusion for novices) although I suppose the presence of client is valid for a small number of "power users" who categorically don't need the server.

I would hardly characterize using the N800 has a terminal (ssh client)
as the province of power users.

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