[maemo-users] Help transcoding video

From: Vic Mabus vmabus at gmail.com
Date: Sat Aug 25 08:55:06 EEST 2007
Owing to an upcoming transcontinental flight, keep trying to convert 
full-length video for playback on my N800 with 8GB SD card.  I've tried 
several methods, but the only program that results in playable video is 
Handbrake (Mac OS X 10.4.1).  Following the recommendations on the Wiki 
page <http://maemo.org/community/wiki/VideoEncoding>, the file, when 
transferred to the N800, gives the error "File format not supported."  
I'm certain I'm missing something here, but don't really know what it is.
Mencoder can't find the codecs, MediaConverter just says "failed."
Tips and pointers are appreciated.
V Mabus

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