[maemo-users] N770 Mysteriously Became a Brick

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Tue Aug 28 12:04:43 EEST 2007
On Tuesday 28 August 2007, you wrote:
> I'm happy to know that it responds now
> for why it worked after you completely remove it,I dont know
> but for N770 being reliable, I find it is

Good to know.

Is it possible this happened just because the battery lost all its 
charge?  Does putting it in the case backwards so it deactivates drain 
the power instead of just turning it off?

> I use it for almost a couple of years now, and it is sweet with no
> major problems
> Good luck, keep us posted when it works back

It's working now.  When I re-installed the battery, the screen came on 
with a picture of the battery and the AC plug on it.  I finally pressed 
and held the power switch and it went dark, then I did it again 
(pressed the power switch) and it came on and was functioning normally.

There's a few things I am working that I'll post in my blog when I'm 
done.  Then I'll post the links here.  Right now I've gotten it working 
with Slimserver to stream audio to it and to use it as a control for 
the Slimserver system.


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