[maemo-users] N800 Power Problems

From: Austin Che list-maemo at austin.mit.edu
Date: Wed Aug 29 18:02:07 EEST 2007
James Knott <james.knott at rogers.com> cackled crazily:

> Ryan Pavlik wrote:
>> James Knott wrote:
>>> Mike Klein wrote:
>>>> Do NOT buy a new charger....at least for me I've found "usb"
>>>> recharging more versatile...I only use AC for my tabletpc....the big
>>>> guns...all else is in orbit around it.
>>> Does the N800 charge from the USB cable?
>> No.
> That's what I thought.  The post I replied to threw in a lot of claims
> and so on, but nothing sensible.

    He was not saying that you should charge the N800 via its USB port
    but rather that you can use a USB charger, i.e. a cable that has
    USB on one end and a power adapter plug on the other end to plug
    into the standard power port of the N800. With such a cable, you
    can charge the device with anything that provides USB power, such
    as a computer, wall or car adapters, battery packs, etc. I
    personally use Proporta's USB mobile device charger which is
    basically a battery with USB output to charge my N800.

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