[maemo-users] [maemo-users] n800 and ThinkOutside stowaway bluetooth keyboard

From: David Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Date: Thu Feb 1 04:21:10 EET 2007
Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> Any comments/thoughts on which is better - the Nokia SU-8W BT Keyboard or
> the ThinkOutside Stowaway BT keyboard?
> I see the ThinkOutside keyboard has a separate row for the numeric keys but
> don't know how each works or functions.
> Regards,
> Nick Shaw
I had a ThinkOutside keyboard - to do numbers you pressed the blue FN 
key and the number, to do the shift of the numbers (e.g. $) you pressed 
the green FN key.

My ThinkOutside died - the two halves of the keyboard are connected with 
a piece of cheap flex PC board (actually the whole keyboard is one big 
piece of flex), and opening and closing the keyboard broke that flex - 
and once that happened it was game over. As a result I would NOT 
recommend the Stowaway.

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