[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: New OS 2006 firmware released

From: Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 1 12:29:33 EET 2007
> >I use Opera on the 770 and N800, mainly because Minimo is so far
> >from being finished.
> >
> >While Minimo works great with many sites, and is actually better on
> >some sites than Opera, Minimo is nowhere near a finished product and
> >is not usable as a "production" quality browser.
> I'd agree with that except IMHO Opera on the 770 is not production
> quality either.  Hence my gripe about marketing an Internet tablet
> which does not have a decent web browser.
> It would be nice if they at least let Opera offer upgrades for it.  I
> contacted Opera a few months ago about the issues in their browser
> and they said that they cannot / will not release upgrades as it is
> all tied up in the agreement with Nokia.  Kind of annoying as they do
> release upgrades etc for windows (which is not open source of course).
> The last version of Minimo I tried crashed less often than
> Opera.  Both do a reasonable job or rendering the web pages so they
> are readable/usable.  Last time I checked Minimo couldn't use the
> zoom / full screen hardware buttons (I know that was being worked on)
> and didn't have flash.  Minimo does have better support for DHTML /
> XML / XSLT etc.  Minimo can be slow to load.
> Try the Adobe website in opera on the 770, is it not the slowest
> thing in the universe.....  I wonder whether the issue is that opera
> is trying to redesign the page to fit better on a small screen,
> however given the resolution of the 770 they should just not bother
> and perhaps it would go faster?
> Our first 800 has arrived, which we will no doubt be testing in the
> near future.

Oops, meant to send this to the list:

What i'd actually like to see is a port of webkit (http://webkit.org/)
to the 770. An other team in Nokia has ported this to symbian
(http://opensource.nokia.com/) and its used as the browser on the
newer Nokia smart phones so its optimised for small platforms and is
under active development as its used by Safari on the Mac, the
aforementioned Symbian browser, and as the html renderer in kde amoung
other things.

In maemo svn there use to be (probably still is but a quick look and I
couldn't find it) a browser wrapper which made mention of webkit I
think. This may well make for a more lightweight but still opensource
browser with good support for most things than the moz codebase.

There's also the codebase called Web based on gtkhtml that Chris was
working on http://chrislord.net/blog/Software/Web/


Also since found this https://garage.maemo.org/projects/browser/ which
is the code mentioned above.


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