[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Charge from a USB port.

From: Larry Battraw lbattraw at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 1 21:04:33 EET 2007
On 2/1/07, Simon Moore <simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk> wrote:
> No we just chopped the end off the nokia charger and soldered to a
> USB lead.  I was unable to source the correct size power plug from
> Maplin or anywhere else it is smaller than the smallest hence the chopping
> off.
> Regards
> Simon

  Does this actually work?  The 770/n800 need current-limited power,
and I would think the direct USB connection would feed it too much
current.  Too much current and the 770 will refuse to charge or
possibly damage it.  I bought a USB phone charger adapter and soldered
a nokia phone plug onto it.  The USB phone adapter boosts the voltage
to 6 volts and limits the current as well.  It looks very similar to
the Nokia one except it has a female USB plug on the other side (to
plug phone adapter plugs into).  Works pretty well but doesn't seem to
charge as fast as the standard AC adapter the 770/n800 ships with.


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