[maemo-users] [maemo-users] [maemo-announce] New OS 2006 firmware released

From: Carlos Guerreiro carlos.guerreiro at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 2 09:36:26 EET 2007
>>>> My other big complaint is that the entire device has to be reflashed in
>>>> order to run the new version of the OS. Why can't they update different
>>>> pieces, like the browser, or the kernel? Since the browser and flash
>>>> player hasn't been updated, I don't think I will update my Nokia 770.
Fine grained updates might happen at some point.
We've been experimenting for some time in Sardine - an apt based distro
that relies on component upgrading. Sardine has had the useful 
of exposing defects (primarily packaging) in our components preventing
upgrades, and many have been fixed.

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