[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: RSS News Reader application only shows a few articles

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Sat Feb 3 18:36:41 EET 2007
I use ReaderMini for my main feeds...


The built in I use as my up to date newspaper scan through the day...

On 2/3/07, Zoran Kolic <zkolic at sbb.co.yu> wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 07:33:53AM -0500, Jonathan Greene wrote:
> > lately I've actually been finding that the story I see in the applet
> > is not even in the application when I click to read more.  ;(
> Software is not perfect. Feeds are xml, so it is possible to fetch it
> from script, make xslt file and process to html page. Or take gui app,
> what makes majority of users comfortable.
> I used "snownews" on my i386 box. Depends on ncurses. Now, rawdog is
> all I need.
>                                   Zoran

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