[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bible Software for N800?

From: Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at libertysurf.fr
Date: Sun Feb 4 10:00:31 EET 2007
Hi there.

> Darren Enns wrote:
> > Although I would be skeptical of any commercial Bible software products
> > becoming available for the N770/N800, anybody have any thoughts on the
> > chances of 'open source' ones?  Sure, one could (for example) use online
> > Bible sites to lookup passages, use tools, etc., I am wondering about
> > tools that could be used offline.  I have done tonnes of Google searches
> > for ideas, but no luck.

This is something i'm playing with, but it is not finished yet.

What has been done :

- Port of Sword library and quick and dirty packaging of the swig python
  module for sword.
  Binary are available here:
  Sources packages and notes regarding they creation are availble in the
  mamoesword directory above armel.

- Python GUI is available in the 'rapier' directory.
  I have not finished it and it s not packaged already, but all you need
  to have to run it is the script itself (and lots of python2.5
  dependencies installed)

  Screen shot is available here:

 The searching stuff sort of works, but it takes 2mn to get 
 a reply, and even if the searching is done in a separate thread, 
 the application feel frozen :(

Install sword and pythonsword, all the python2.5 gtk stuff needed.I
think you will need the following repository:
deb  http://repository.maemo.org/extras bora free non-free

Then install some sword module using the command line installmgr.

Once you have a module installed, you can launch rapier.

By the way, i would be happy to get some help on the desktop
integration as i failed having rapier been launch when the user click on
its icon :)

Have a nice day.

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