[maemo-users] [maemo-users] HOWTO: fsck + bash on N800?

From: Larry Battraw lbattraw at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 02:09:42 EET 2007
  Try installing e2fsprogs from the repository.maemo.org bora free
repo.  Bash is a little tougher because it comes from a debian repo
and expects their environment; you can find it here:
 For those interested this has the full pool of debian packages in
armel format.  Unfortunately, as soon as you try to install things
you'll run into problems with dependencies.  Bash is easier as it's
statically linked so I just did a dpkg -X
bash-static_3.1dfsg-8_armel.deb . in a temporary directory and then
copied the executable to /bin/bash.  That way it doesn't try and run
the install scripts which error out.  There's nothing critical to
install but the binary.


On 2/5/07, Laurent MARTIN <laurent at gide.net> wrote:
> Hi!
> Any idea how I can install fsck and bash on my N800?
> There's no relation between them: I need to check the integrity of my SD
> cards and I'd like to be able to use .profile and other related files. Any
> other solutions welcome!
> TIA.
> --
> Laurent, Nantes - France
> Apple PowerBook 12"
> Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
> Nokia Internet Tablet N800

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