[maemo-users] [maemo-users] 4GB SD card results

From: Hans J. Koch koch at hjk-az.de
Date: Tue Feb 6 10:30:22 EET 2007
Am Dienstag 06 Februar 2007 04:59 schrieb Josh Harrison:
> Ok all, I bought and stuck a 4GB SD card into my N800 - and it
> works. The N800 cannot handle formatting the 4GB SD, it formats as
> a 2GB card. I stuck it into my reader on my computer and formatted
> it to it's full potential, and reinserted the card back into the
> N800, and sure enough, the memory manager shows 3.93GB free on my
> card.
> Hope this can serve as useful information for those out there in
> the tubes. Josh

Your information would be worth even more if you'd tell us which 
filesystem you've put on the card.


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