[maemo-users] [maemo-users] bug #978: metalayer-crawler

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 16:08:10 EET 2007

ext Gary Mulder wrote:
> Here's the output from your script:
> ./numfiles.sh: ./numfiles.sh: 24: cannot create : Directory nonexistent
> ..
> ./numfiles.sh: ./numfiles.sh: 24: cannot create : Directory nonexistent
>      1 24
>      7 MP3
>   1325 _notype

This is interesting, there are over thousand files without any
filename extension (or I botched my script).  What files those
are?  :-)

>      1 m4a
>    410 mp3
> I reconfirmed last night that Media Player is taking 5+ minutes to
> start up. The GUI kept on telling me it was not responding and did I
> want to kill it. I didn't, and eventually the Player behaved as
> expected.

This was with or without nicing the crawler (in its init script)?

>> > I symlinked ~user/Music to the
>> > mmc mount point and one time it indexed all of my songs twice (which
>> > may explain why it took so long, I'll have to check).
>> Are you saying it doesn't handle symlinks properly?
>> I tried this by creating dirs that are symlinked to each other,
>> but at least that didn't seem to be a problem.
> The exact symlink I crated was:
> ln -s /media/mmc2 /home/user/MyDocs/Music (where mmc2 is my 2GB card of 
> MP3s)
> I *suspect* this is why each track was showing up twice in the Media 
> Player.
> This sym link was not present for last night's test, and the following
> test I did today:
> 1. Powered off the unit, removed and reinserted the 2GB SD card from
> the internal slot (will the N800 then know it has been reinserted?)

AFAIK the card is mounted on bootup, and crawler will then index it.
If you take the card out while the device is up and insert it again,
it will again index it (because it doesn't know it's the same one
and cannot know whether its contents were updated or not).

> 2. Powered on the unit, immediately run Media Player while the crawler
> was running. Unit reset.

Device rebooted?

Could you check how much RAM crawler takes at most while it indexes
that card?  Just start Xterm, run "top" in it and then take the card
out and and put it back again and see what's the largest RSS value for
the crawler process (if you press 'M' in keyboard, top sorts by memory

> 3. Powered it up again and let it run for a while so the crawler would
> finish. Media player reports (empty)
> 4. Bounced metalayer-crawler0, waited for it to complete. Media player
> is still empty.
> Is there a file that the crawler generates that I can look at?

   strings /home/user/.meta_storage > meta.txt

and read the meta.txt.  I don't know whether the player uses that
database directly or communicates with the crawler instead though.

> I'll install fsck on the unit.

You can do fsck the card FAT on the you Linux PC (or on Windows).

> It is a shame there is no strace so I could
> find out what the Media Player is doing.

Hopefully this will be available later this year...
(the Debian strace source package at least doesn't build as is)

	- Eero

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