[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: N800 and Bluetooth Headsets

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 18:30:55 EET 2007
Brian Waite wrote:
> I do not intend this as a flame, but you chose the wrong device. 
> You want a laptop/tablet PC and you'll have to pay for it in both size and 
> cost. Just putting together a package like the N800.770 is is a feat. Look at 
> UMPCs and see what you can find, but I'd challenge you to find one that will 
> do what you want for twice the price of the N800.
My iPAQ hx4700 doesn't require re-encoding video...and I can play at
resolutions that match device capabilities. It cost me $600 several
years ago. Very powerful Intel Bulverde cpu.

My Pepper Pad 3 (cost $600?) streams 95% of formats I want (except
realplayer w/auth and certain newer flash) and has ended up being the
more versatile device for me...whether at home or in car or at work and
in meetings.

> On Monday 05 February 2007 22:28, Mike Klein wrote:
>>> The SINGLE worst problem with the 770/800 is NO BT headsets.  It's a
>>> long standing complaint. I've come to believe it's a conscious decision.
>>> With BT headsets, these would be THE internet devices.
>>> sean
>> Correction...single worst problem is that N800 doesn't <perhaps> have
>> enough cpu to stream videos cleanly. This issue can't be fixed <perhaps>
>> by a better driver. Re-encoding stuff sucks.
> N800 is getting close, but to stream video (that people don't adequately 
> encode) you really need power. Power == CPU speed (DSP) == Power consumption 
> == BIgger battery.
My hx4700 ipaq and PP3 batteries last long enough for me...and both
stream large format huge file size mpegs/etc.

>> 2nd is no builtin keyboard of any kind. Handheld bt keyboards suck.
> This is an internet tablet. Browsing/reading email does not really need a 
> keyboard. A keyboard makes this already a bit to large device, way to large 
> to fit in a pocket.
I feel you are presenting too simplistic a usage scenario...yeah 60% of
the time I'm just clicking...but opening an xterm to do linux stuff or
entering data into any web form is a pain in the arse. If I'm using the
N800 to check email (valid, right?)...do I not reply to things I'm
reading? Same goes for IM. Cmon man...every other device now has builtin
retractable or other kind of keyboard. PP3 did it right with backlit
keypad...which you can get quite proficient with.

I find the N800 screen soft like pudding, too easily scratchable
w/stylus and quite fond of misrecognition of keystrokes...notice how it
beeps even when a keypress isn't recognized? It's a real pain to type in
any kind of data.

With my PP3 I have builtin keypad...with my iPAQ I have snap-on keyboard
which integrates fairly well into cases/etc.
>> 3rd worst problem is no 3G/cellular capability built-in.
> <Opinion>By far the best choice! 
> Why? Well adding cell support jumps the cost up probably another $100 US. and 
> secondly this puts pressure on the cell market. Right now there is no 
> competition. I know wifi is still not ubiquitous, and the N800 does not 
> replace the cell phone, but it adds some pressure that will keep growing. 
> Maybe cell cos will start dropipping prices/adding features to stay 
> competitive. 
> </Opinion>
Money isn't the issue for me...we're all geeks spending boatloads of
money on this technology. I am more than willing to spend extra $$$ for
cpu, disk, 3g, etc. I just want it "open" (as much as possible) and WORKING.

> Again, this is not a flame. I am just expressing the fact that your 3 major 
> drawbacks to the device are the 3 most interesting features for me. (well I 
> would like more CPU power, but who doesn't).
> I do look forward to BT headsets tho! I hate the wire to my head when 
> listening to music. It is the last wire ! 
> Thanks
> Brian
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