[maemo-users] [maemo-users] bug #978: metalayer-crawler

From: Gary Mulder gjmulder at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 6 19:01:25 EET 2007
> Oh, so I botched my script...  But most of those files are mp3:
>         find . -name '*.mp3'|wc -l

Nokia-N800-51:~# find /media/mmc2 -type f | grep -ic mp3

> > This was prior to nicing the crawler.
> Ok, nicing should fix that particular problem I think.
> Could you verify that?

Seems to. Thanks!

> You can copy the whole .meta_storage onto PC and then use strings
> there.  Not sure whether Windows has this utility though.

*hits head with desk*

Of course, silly me. Still not used to the powerful connectivity for
debugging. I can't get my SD reader to work on my Linux laptop, so I
borrowed an XP system to fsck the SD card.

> Ok, I guess the reason for 5 mins is the large number of mp3s.
> I hope one doesn't need to wait all 5 mins until any of them
> appear in the Media player, because then it's a very bad
> performance problem, otherwise it's not so serious.

No more 5 minute hangs, thanks. However, the general response from the
Media Player is a little slow, but I suspect that could be still due
my duplicate MP3 list. Media Player is still reporting 838 music clips
(there may be a few non-MP3 clips as well).

Here's the interesting bit:

# strings .meta_storage | grep media | wc -l

The .meta_storage file has about the right number of entries as I have
MP3s. How do I get rid of Media player's 'Now Playing' playlist?


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