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Date: Tue Feb 6 23:39:39 EET 2007

in the U.S. all three of Cingular (HSDPA), Verizon (EVDO), and Sprint 
(EVDO) have deployed broadband mobile wireless services with a national 
footprint that, if Sprint's vision is correct will become, in Sprint's 
case,  a stepping stone to full WIMAX deployment a few years down the road.

Nokia is, in fact working with Sprint in the area of WIMAX and  and I 
would be very surprised if Nokia are not considering to put WIMAX into a 
future version of the N800 or something close to it. 

I happen to use Verizon's EVDO service and it is very good in terms of 
bandwidth and U.S. geographic footprint. It supports VOIP satisfactorily 
and it is being upgraded to higher (Rev. A) performance, as is Sprints 
EVDO network.

I have managed to test out how the wireless "tethering" of the N800 to 
the Verizon EVDO service via a Verizon handset using bluetooth works but 
it would be much nicer if I could "lose" the handset and use a future 
version of the N800 with EVDO and eventually WIMAX in its place.

I actually think that the biggest impediment to such a scenario is not 
so much the need to jam another radio into the N800 form factor as it is 
the fact that Windows Mobile proves to be much more useful in the 
corporate world (which is where most of the money to purchase these high 
end handsets comes from) than a N800.  If the Nokia product cannot meet 
the same application needs then it will not be competitive in this 
market segment.

Although they are expensive, several handset manufacturers, and, in 
particular, HTC and its reseller UTStarcom, have produced multi radio 
handsets (EVDO/802.11/CDMA/Bluetooth/IR) that are quite compact, albeit 
power-hungry, especially with 802.11 turned on.  Here is the url to one 
such product available for both the Sprint and the Verizon Networks in 
the U.S.:


Most of these high end handsets run Windows Mobile 5.0 but it would be 
nice for Nokia to provide some competition in this segment by adding, 
for the US market, a CDMA/EVDO radio or GSM/HSDPA chipset to a future 
version of the N800 product.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad



michael.wiktowy at gmail.com wrote:
> On 2/6/07, Zoran Kolic <zkolic at sbb.co.yu> wrote:
>> On Monday 05 February 2007 22:28, Mike Klein wrote:
>> > 3rd worst problem is no 3G/cellular capability built-in.
>> Also my wash machine lacks it. I cannot sleep for that reason.
> Sarcasm aside, Zoran has a very good point. Putting cellular
> capability on the IT would be as appropriate as putting it on a
> washing machine. While it would be great to be able to talk to someone
> while doing laundry, it is not really the purpose of the machine.
> I wouldn't have bought a 770 or a N800 if it had a GSM/3G/Super-duper
> next-gen phone built in.
> Reasons:
> - It would add $100 to the cost
> - It would be a purchase that keeps on costing a monthly fee and cost
> even more when using it traveling
> - I already have a bare-bones cell phone that makes calls just fine
> ... most people have
> - It would tie it to region/plan that would be difficult to transfer 
> out of
> - It would tie it to some specific technology that doesn't have the
> longevity/compatibility of wifi/BT
> - It would consume a great deal more power
> I think these ITs make a good break from legacy tech like cellular and
> leave that crowded market to other models.
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