[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N800 - Small bugs and annoyances

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Wed Feb 7 05:02:25 EET 2007
I also posted this to ITT...

This is a list of things I've noticed on the N800 to date that would
qualify as bugs.  I'm running the v2 firmware  - official - and think
these all need to be resolved as we move forward.  I'm assuming others
have noticed the same if not similar items.

[*]Flash audio only plays if your browser window is active.  If you
minimize the window or switch applications, it simply stops.  I was
listening to the CNet podcast from their site tonight and thought I
might also read some things, but found the audio paused as soon as it
was no longer the active thing on screen.
[*]Text entry in web forms (GMail, ITT) can simply disappear.  I've
entered full replies and when I've returned to full screen view from
the thumbboard, the text is gone - as if never entered.  With the
stylus keyboard, I've also seen text (particularly in Gmail) seem like
it was entering, but when you scroll back to where you were typing
nothing is there...
[*]D-Pad can be flaky... Tonight my D-Pad did not work in conjunction
with the power / screen off combo, but did work to turn it on. It did
not work with the menu key (in any direction) but it did work to move
on the home screen (though not the center key, so no click)
[*] Streaming radio stations will appear to not work when you
initially launch them from the home screen applet, but if you choose
another stream, activate it and then pick the previous stream, it
works every time.  Very odd.

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