[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: 4GB SD card results

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Wed Feb 7 05:56:46 EET 2007
Josh Harrison wrote:
> Ok all, I bought and stuck a 4GB SD card into my N800 - and it works.
> The N800 cannot handle formatting the 4GB SD, it formats as a 2GB card. 
> I stuck it into my reader on my computer and formatted it to it's full 
> potential, and reinserted the card back into the N800, and sure enough, 
> the memory manager shows 3.93GB free on my card.
> Hope this can serve as useful information for those out there in the tubes.
> Josh

I assume you formatted the card using the File Manager, in which case the N800 will format the card using FAT16 - 2GB is the maximum volume/partition supported by the FAT16 filesystem. The N800 also understands FAT32 and this is what your PC used to format the 4GB card so when you re-inserted it back into the N800 the full card capacity could be accessed by the N800.

Basically, the N800 needs to use FAT32 when formatting > 2GB partitions, and FAT16 <= 2GB.

Until this issue is resolved you will have to continue formatting your card in your PC to get the maximum capacity, or use mkdosfs in xterm.

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