[maemo-users] [maemo-users] N800 - Small bugs and annoyances

From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 7 12:18:18 EET 2007
Jonathan Greene wrote:
> I also posted this to ITT...
> This is a list of things I've noticed on the N800 to date that would
> qualify as bugs.  I'm running the v2 firmware  - official - and think
> these all need to be resolved as we move forward.  I'm assuming others
> have noticed the same if not similar items.
> [*]Flash audio only plays if your browser window is active.  If you
> minimize the window or switch applications, it simply stops.  I was
> listening to the CNet podcast from their site tonight and thought I
> might also read some things, but found the audio paused as soon as it
> was no longer the active thing on screen.

As stated by Andrew the best place to post them is bugzilla, but let me 
go through them a bit.
I think this is intended to be feature rather than a bug. I suppose it 
to maximize efficiency when doing other things in foreground.
I would have liked it to be a user selectable option.

> [*]Text entry in web forms (GMail, ITT) can simply disappear.  I've
> entered full replies and when I've returned to full screen view from
> the thumbboard, the text is gone - as if never entered.  With the
> stylus keyboard, I've also seen text (particularly in Gmail) seem like
> it was entering, but when you scroll back to where you were typing
> nothing is there...

I think this is not a bug or a feature, just a behavior of some web 
sites (particularly Gmail). Whenever I hit reply in Gmail or I just tap 
into the replay textarea I see the keyboard appear (or the thumb one if 
I touched the screen with my fat finger). I noticed that when you tap 
that text area, gmail will execute something that will fill that text 
area with the message you're replying at, quoted.
That's why I wait... I tap the text area, wait for Gmail to fill it (the 
textarea is NOT anymore in focus), and then I tap again in the text area
to make my text appear there.


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