[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: maemo-users Digest, Vol 22, Issue 43

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Wed Feb 7 18:26:40 EET 2007
> Direct download:
>     http://repository.maemo.org/catalogue/certified/pool/bora/user/ 
> f/fmradio/fmradio_1.2.0_armel.deb
> Once installed, start XTerm and run "fmradio". Headphones are required
> to be plugged in to act as an aerial, but it will output to either the
> speakers or the headphones - there are toolbar buttons to select.
Excellent! It works like a charm! For what I've noticed, it works  
also when no headphones connected but I think that headphones are  
used as an antenna: what do you think. With headphones disconnected,  
there's a noisy sound coming out from the speakers but just because  
the signal is too poor IMHO...
This looks like a very fresh feature Nokia is still working on  
(the.deb has been posted today).
Laurent, Nantes - France
Apple PowerBook 12"
Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
Nokia Internet Tablet N800

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