[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: N800 and Bluetooth Headsets

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Feb 7 21:23:09 EET 2007
Toshiba was able to cram multiple forms of cellular into their toughbook
series...all mini-pci <I think>.

There was a new ultra-rugged military-grade umpc recently announced
(hi-vol sales only...$5K!!!) that had multiple forms of radios.

What happened to those software-programmable radios man?

So folks...when the OpenMoko linux phone (large touchscreen display...I
think)...is released...will they sell well? I think so. Form factor is
so close to N800...and so many parts redundant (speaker, mic, bt, etc,

Well folks...time for me to end thread...I've ridden this horse long
enough and need to get off...

thanks all...


Neil MacLeod wrote:
> Mike Klein wrote:
> I'm in the "no built-in cellular" camp - for me, this was a smart move
> as I can use the N800 with whatever phone I have now (GSM/GPRS) and
> with whatever phone I get with my next upgrade (almost certainly a
> GSM/HSDPA phone).
> Nokia probably took a look at the data plans offered by most network
> providers around the world, saw things were bad (ie. charging the
> Earth per megabyte with all sorts of usage restrictions - no voip etc.
> - and transfer caps) and decided the World simply isn't ready for mass
> consumer internet on the move over mobile networks. In which case, why
> bother complicating the N800 with this potentially unnecessary
> hardware? And aside from business users, few people will have
> data-only SIMs when they can just as easily use their mobile phone
> over Bluetooth.
> Also, by adding cellular hardware the Internet Tablet suddenly becomes
> regionalised - CDMA for USA/Korea, GSM for the rest of the world, not
> to mention all the HDSPA/EDGE/EVDO/Whatever high-speed variants.
> Different hardware and possibly different firmware for each region -
> nice!
> Summary: No phone hardware == Master stroke
> :)
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