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Date: Thu Feb 8 16:42:36 EET 2007

the press release suggests that it WILL be supported on Nokia Nseries 

I have to say that taking on Microsoft and Google in mapping service 
segment is no small undertaking on Nokia's part.

Microsoft has been working to develop the market for location base 
services for several years now with its Mappoint  Web Service and its 
more recently introduced Virtual Earth service. 

A member of the Microsoft development team has already published an app 
to run Virtual Earth on Windows Mobile 5.0 called Virtual Earth Mobile 
which properly renders the output of the Virtual Earth www site that do 
not work well or at all on the Windows Mobile 5.0 IE browser or on 
Mozilla Minimo. Here is the url to the www page with some screen shots 
along with a link to the .cab file to install VE Mobile on Windows 
Mobile 5.0.


And of course there is Google Earth as well which has benefited from 
its  positioning as a core component of the Google brand of services.

As some on this list are no doubt aware, neither Google Earth nor 
Microsoft Virtual Earth will work on the N800 browser application.

It is good that Nokia has made the pragmatic decision  to make its 
service available on Windows Mobile 5.0 since WM5.0 is quickly becoming 
the dominant platform for the kind of pda/smartphones that are needed to 
make full use of these kinds of applications. It also suggests that the 
Nokia management team is committed to this kind of www service on its 
own merits and not just to sell more Nokia handsets that do NOT run 
Windows Mobile 5.0.

Best Regards,


John Holmblad



atmasphere at atmasphere.net wrote:
> http://www.nokia.com/A4136001?newsid=1103306
> May support linux.  No word on Maemo, but would be an interesting and
> free option instead of navicore - if released.
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