[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Re: Re: Unzip - GUI or linked through File Manager?

From: Danny Milosavljevic danny_milo at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Feb 8 22:47:25 EET 2007

> IMHO best option would be to port some Gnome/Gtk archive manager that
> supports zip/tar/gzip/lha/zoo/rar/you_name_it to Maemo and make it to
> accept the files through D-BUS.  

Well, someone can do that as well. But I only care about automatic packing/unpacking...

>I think users would appreciate a GUI
> bit more that files automagically getting uncompressed (where they don't
> want them :-)).

It probably depends on what you are used to. If I click on a file, I am used to it extracting right away, into a subfolder of where the zip was, named like the zip. 

It's not like I were emotionally attached to zip files and would want them to stay around on my drive longer than neccessary :-)


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