[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Abnormal power consumption on N800

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Fri Feb 9 19:51:52 EET 2007
On 2/9/07, Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga <humberto at hpcf.upr.edu> wrote:
> I have an N800, and there are 2 wireless networks in the office, with
> two SSID "hpcfwl" and "guestwl", I defined them both on the N800, but
> hpcfwl won't let me connect until I add the Mac address to the access
> point's ACL. guestwl does let me connect.
> The problem is that the N800 tries to connect to the hpcfwl when I walk
> in the door, and eats a full charge in a few hours. The status bar shows
> a ? on the connection icon.
It'll be hard to test now, but my--gut reaction--guess would be that your
N800 is continuously polling the access point for DHCP. Did it give an error
about local network addresses or the like? I'm not sure I've see the '?'
icon before and it would be interesting to know exactly how much network you
get on hpcfwl without having your MAC in the ACL. Does it assign you a
non-routable address and stick you in a VLan so you can't do any harm, does
it just refuse to talk to your device, or what? Your network engineer might
have some ideas with this...

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