[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Internal Error. Application closed.

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Sat Feb 10 00:05:23 EET 2007
Usually the only applications I have open continually are gpe-todo and
gpe-contacts.  When on the road, I open e-mail and after a few minutes of
opening/deleting e-mail - internal error, application is closing (or words
to that effect).  I'm able to open e-mail again but it just happens again.
I've come to accept that the e-mail program is very buggy.

I tried shutting down both gpe programs but the result is the same.  One
day, I'm sure, a more stable version will come out, either from Nokia or
someone else. :-)

Nick Shaw
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On 2/9/07, Dr. Nicholas Shaw <Doc at docharley.com> wrote:
> I get internal error, application closed with e-mail if it's open for any
> length of time and I have several e-mails.

For sure you are not using canola on you n800. Which other apps are

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