[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Bad Freedom Input keyboard or poor kbdd driver on N800?

From: centipede centipede at takhis.net
Date: Sat Feb 10 19:36:41 EET 2007
>> kbdd in the shell, and it seems like the driver skips more keys the
>> faster
>> I type.
>> How fast can you type with that keyboard? I'm almost as fast with the
>> on-screen keyboard...
> Just my experience with the driver on the 770. It's far more stable
> than it used to be, for whatever reason. The keyboard itself is not
> the best quality, some keys do require quite a bit of force to be
> registered. There is some lag, akin to a ssh session over a modem
> perhaps and on the rare occasion the keys do repeat. Having said all
> that however, I can type reasonably quickly with it, certainly much
> faster than the on screen keyboard. I have yet to test it for extended
> sessions.

On an average writing speed, I loose 2/3 of all my keypresses. Sometimes
it feels like there is a system.

Another thing: I never get a popup-dialog trying to pair my device. The
README file (or perhaps the post on maemo-users, can't remember) claimed
that one should pop up when running btkbd (which of course just executes
kbdd and sets priority).
Maybe it is related to the fact that I did try to make a native pairing
using N800's bluetooth device manager before turning to kbdd. Obviously
that failed.

- Rene Jensen

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