[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Using my treo for bluetooth DUN

From: Ron Harwood harwoodr at linux.ca
Date: Sun Feb 11 03:54:05 EET 2007
Hey all,

So I've replaced my WSOD 770 with an n800 (tigerdirect let me pay the
difference to upgrade since they held the extended warranty...) 

I had the 770 working with my treo flawlessly... but I can't get the
n800 to use it for DUN... It can "see" it, pair with it... mark it as a
phone... I can set up the connection... but it doesn't offer it as a
selection for network connections.  

I'm setting it up as a cdma phone... when I try to set it up as a
GSM/UMTS it sees the connection and of course, doesn't work...

Anyone else have this combo working or have advice for me?



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