[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Blackberry with internet access and Nokia800

From: Jonathan Matthews-Levine matthewslevine at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 11 13:10:29 EET 2007
On 2/11/07, Kahlil Johnson <jzarecta at gmail.com> wrote:
> Anyone owns a blackberry with internet access, I am curious to see if
> the N800 will work with it. I know all BB had bluetooth but it was
> pretty useless when I try to sync it with my Sony Ericsson phone. I
> wonder if it will be any different.

I've not tried a BB with my N800, but my limited experience with BBs
in general would make me rather pesimistic about the chances of the
network operator having opened up access to the bluetooth DUN profile.
 They're usually quite locked down for "quality of user experience"
(read "revenue") reasons.

In .uk, anyway.  YMMV.

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