[maemo-users] [maemo-users] FM Radio -- dependencies?

From: Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 12 19:18:50 EET 2007
>On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 15:05 -0800, ext Rick Prelinger wrote:
>> My fmradio installation fails because of a missing package: 
>libosso-help0(>=2.08).  From what I can tell, I believe I have 
>the proper repositories installed.
>> Is this an obvious problem?
>> Many thanks, and all best,
>> Rick
>Are you running the sw image that came with the device or did 
>you upgrade to the latest available? If i'm not mistaken the 
>one coming on the device (certain ones at least) is pretty old.
>Cheers, Igor

Indeed. Someone did the mistake of using Scirocco (Maemo 2.1) when
building the fm-radio application making it impossible to install on the
original IT-2007. Hope next time they use gregale making it even worse.

How many times does this need to happen? (lets get some sanity in Maemo
SDK releases)



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