[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Python2.5 not available for ITOS 3.2006.49-2 ?

From: Antonio Orlando ant.o at libero.it
Date: Mon Feb 12 20:32:28 EET 2007
Oh, it works, thanks! Maybe it was moved, the installation docs on the  
pymaemo site urge this change.

Now I've successfully installed the Python2.5-runtime from the Application  
manager and the 2.5 development packages from terminal, but where's the  
python2.5 binary or symbolic link? Just writing "python2.5" at the command  
prompt does nothing apart from saying:

/bin/sh: python2.5: not found

I can see there are "python-config" and "python2.5-config", they're the  
only files displayed when writing "python" and tapping on the TAB key.
What should I do in order to have the Python 2.5 prompt when calling  
"python2.5" from the command line?
(I'm quite sure I did nothing in order to have it up and running just  
calling "python2.5", when I installed it with the previous firmware; if I  
did something, I can't remember it).

> I think that python2.5 is in extras repository:
> Web address:  http://repository.maemo.org/extras/
> Distribution: scirocco
> Components:   free non-free


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