[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: suggestion for next Nokia tablet

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Feb 12 22:08:51 EET 2007
Ted Zlatanov wrote:
> The N800 successor should have a scroll wheel on the side.  It would
> make 90% of my daily stylus use (while browsing the web and reading
> RSS feeds) unnecessary.  Unlike the D pad, scrolling should be purely
> a mouse button 4/5 operation, not "move to the next link OR the next
> page, UNLESS I hold the button down", which is why I don't use the D
> pad for scrolling.  It's just too hard to go to the next page, which
> is a very common operation.
> Ted
I totally agree that a scroll/jog wheel is essential
for vertical scrolling, which may translate into previous/next page functionality depending on the application etc.

Obviously the wheel can be used to select (push in) and even perform horizontal scrolling by tilting the wheel, but that depends on how creative Nokia want to get on this. Positioning the wheel on the top left or top right shoulders of the device would work for me (as I'm right handed) but this would not work at all for a left-handed person who has to rotate the screen 180 degrees for comfortable use (secondary wheel in the bottom right corner?) I think Nokia need to give more consideration to left-handed users - lefties should consider class action suits against big corps citing discrimination and access issues! :)

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