[maemo-users] [maemo-users] OpenedHand dates -- evolution-data-server?

From: Jon A. Solworth solworth at rites.uic.edu
Date: Thu Feb 15 18:45:59 EET 2007
   I added in the repository for bora on openhand, to get dates and 
(By the way, it would be much easier to google for these things if it 
was called
o-hand-dates or some such thing).

   The libraries in the repository can't be installed (Incompatible 
application package),
and as a consequence there seems to be no evolution-data-server.  (I'd 
like to download
my calendar/contacts/.. from my desktop).  This is on an n800 by the way 
(bora repository).
Contacts and dates install fine.

   Any ideas?


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