[maemo-users] N800 as a Business Productivity Tool

From: ktneely at astroturfgarden.com ktneely at astroturfgarden.com
Date: Sat Feb 17 18:27:33 EET 2007
On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 05:09:11PM -0500, Acadia Secure Networks wrote:
> Navigating the router admin port www pages was a little extra work 
> (scrolling of 2 levels nested windows)  but with the N800 I was 
> still able to perform the necessary configuration adjustments on 

I would think that installing the ssh client would make router configuration much easier.  Of course, then you will likely need a keyboard, as well, but mine is as small as my 770.
The ssh client would also cirumvent the problems associated with ActiveX, flash, Java, etc.

>    As others have commented, the N800 mail client really needs
>    improvement. It is nowhere year as useable useful as the Windows
>    Mobile 5.0 (I call it Outlook-lite) client on my handset. For

I have given up on the built-in mail client, using mutt on my home server 95% of the time.  I only fire it up when I know I am going to be without connectivity for a while and have some mail to go through.  Even then, I will likely scan with mutt first and get rid of a number of messages quickly.

>    There needs to be a reader for Microsoft word .doc's, Excel .xls
>    files, and Powerpoint .ppt files Perhaps a stripped down version 
>    of
>    Openoffice would be a workable solution for this requirement.

I have not tried, indeed, I am a bit afraid, to try the Google Docs & spreadsheets for this function.  It should be simple to forward a message with one of these docs to the appropriate import email address and then view via the browser; if it could handle it, and I worry that the 770 cannot.  Maybe it or the 800 would handle it just fine.  I need to check it out.

Also, I believe gnumeric is available for maemo.  I have also seen abiword, but cannot figure out how to install it.


In Vino Veritas

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