[maemo-users] Problem with SSH

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Sun Feb 18 10:17:09 EET 2007
Hi, folks. I'm having a problem with SSH server.

When I type from my 770: ssh -X user at my.Linux.PC.ip, connection between them
is perfect, and window application (wine winword, a weird way to read .doc
files) was cleanly displayed on the 770. I could read .doc files located at
the Linux PC server.

But when I try the reverse, that is I type from my Linux PC: ssh -X
user at my.nokia.770.ip, connection with the 770 server is ok. But then I type
for example 'oggplay' and oggplay window is displayed on the 770 server, not
on the Linux PC client.

I think I've correctly configured both ssh and sshd config files ok, in both
servers 770 and linux pc, setting the X11forwarding yes.

May anybody help on this? The question is: why can I run X-window
applications from the PC on the 770, and not X-window applications from the
770 on the PC?
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